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[EDIT BY danbrown AT php DOT net: Contains a typofix (missing ')') provided by 'Joe B' on 09-JUN-2011.] There's been a lot of discussion about the speed differences between using require_once() vs. I was curious myself, so I ran some tests to see what's faster: - require_once() vs require() - using relative_path vs absolute_path I also included results from strace for the number of stat() system calls. METHODOLOGY:------------The script (test.php):/* * Uncomment one at a time and run test below. */ //require ('/www/includes/'); //require ('../../includes/'); //require_once ('/www/includes/'); //require_once ('../../includes/'); The test: I ran ab on the script with a different require*() uncommented each time: ab -n 1000 -c 10 average time it took to run once:require('absolute_path'): 0.000830569960420require('relative_path'): 0.000829198306664require_once('absolute_path'): 0.000832904849136require_once('relative_path'): 0.000824960252097The average was computed by eliminating the 100 slowest and 100 fastest times, so a total of 800 (1000 - 200) times were used to compute the average time.

This was done to eliminate any unusual spikes or dips.

It's like suppressing error messages with @ but only when the file does not exist.

Still shows compile errors/warning, unless you use @relro().

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Considering the following tree: C:\server\absolute\path\ somefolder\ - supbath anotherfolder1\ - file1- file2anotherfolder2\ - file3With the respective sources:original index.php: You will notice the use of "\" as DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, but the same result is obtained using "/". PHP does not behave as it should if it encounters a relative path starting by a '../'. Below is a modified file1.php: It seems that PHP recognizes a non-prefixed file name as an absolute path in a require_once, and that it computes this absolute path from a relative context.The question of how many stat() system calls were made can be answered as follows:- If you run httpd -X and then do an strace -p , you can view the system calls that take place to process the request.- The most important thing to note is if you run continuously (as the ab test does above), the stat() calls only happen for the first request: first call to (above): ------------------------------- lstat64 ("/www", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=...

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