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In this 4th photo, you see it back together somewhat and in free spool position.When you push the button on the handle, the spring wire goes into that groove and holds the crankshaft in and thus dis-engages it from the Handle Shaft Sleeve.I can now tell you exactly how it works and what is no doubt wrong with yours.I also took lots of photos so that will be your schematic.I would guess that from years of use, your is worn or bent back a little.When you get it apart, inspect it closely and if it is worn, I would take a pair of needle-nose pliers and bend it a little, so that it is over the hole as much as in this photo.Other Pflueger Free-Spool reels : 1965 Red Nobby and 1995 Summit The Pflueger 1965 Red Nobby Free-Spool Left to right are : a VGIB 1965 Red Nobby, the New in Box 1895 Akron, a used 1895 Akron, and a used 1995 Summit, all Free-Spool Reels. I will add more about the Red Nobby and Summit later.They all work the same way, but I’ll show them apart also.

It is the same reel as the 1895 Free-Spool Akron that I showed first with just cosmetic differences.Now the Spool and Crankshaft can spin without turning the Handle and creating a lot of drag.