Dating my fender amp

22-Apr-2020 23:42

dating my fender amp-1


Shortly thereafter, the Bassman would become the most sought after amplifier for country and rock guitar and bass players.

Bassmans that were manufactured in the 50s and 60s are known to resell in the ,000 to ,000 range.

” Do you have a Fender amplifier you’re looking to sell?

Would you like help dating your vintage Fender amplifier?

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Take some basic photos and send me an email or fill out the form on this page where you can upload some photos if you have them.

The Fender Bassman Amplifier has gained a reputation for being the go-to amp for both electric guitar and bass players.

While doing research on Fender amps in general, and the Champ in particular, I came across the most amazing series of articles by Greg Gagliano on the subject. If you have any interest in vintage Fender tube amps, without question you’ve got to read them all.

Do you have a classic Fender guitar or amplifier for sale?

Are you looking for serial number information on your antique Fender guitar?

The ability to date a Fender Bassman will often mean the difference between thousands of dollars when shopping for a vintage Bassman. manufactured the first Bassman in the early 50s, it has been replicated many times, making it hard to tell them apart.

The only sure-fire way to date a Fender Bassman is by matching serial schemes.As you can see from the photo below, the serial number of my amp is C 09556.