Dating martin ukulele tuners

30-Nov-2019 13:59

To access our visual tuner feature, please visit this page from Chrome, Firefox, or another modern browser on desktop.

This tuner supports the most popular ukulele tunings, which you can select at the top.

A chromatic tuner is a device that detects the pitch of a note as you pluck a string of the ukulele like the one aabove.

With the aid of a chromatic tuner, you can quickly identify if you are sharp or flat (that is to say “too high” or “too low" in pitch) relative to the desired note.

When the pitches aren't matching, at the initial attack of the two sounds, you'll hear "warbly" or "wobbly" sound between the two pitches like this: If you hear the pitches sound like this, then, that means you're in tune! For more help with tuning, check out our in-depth ukulele tuning guide to explore how a ukulele is tuned and the different types of tunings.

This is a new design friction tuner, not geared, but with some improvements, yet resembling the old friction tuners.

You can see the Waverly on the right also 'exploded.' The bushing has a slot that the button fits into, and the button is ebony.

Over time, when the button gets loose and slips, the plastic turns in the bushing and the square edges are gradually worn away to the point where the button will just turn no matter how tight the screw is, because the corners have become rounded. 1929 Martin by just gluing the button to the bushing with JB Weld.

However, that's only a temporary fix - the button will slip again over time. 1940) ukulele started slipping, I decided to replace it with some new Waverly tuners.

Since I wanted the tuners to look right, I got the proper 60 degree (for the bottom section of the tuner where it meets the underside of the peghead ) and 100 degree (for the top side) countersink bits.

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