Dating love sites italian

23-Feb-2020 01:04

Modern Italy is seeing the typical role of gender disappearing and losing power, males and females know and appreciate that co-operation between the sexes is essential in the maintenance of a good relationship.

Religion is an important part of their culture and many, if not most, believe in God.

Many single Western women happily exchange their home-grown all-American guy for an Italian Casanova. The reason is simple and well-known by all Italian women: the men from this beautiful, sunny country love life and live it 100%, giving it their everything in each and every situation.

And, women from the United States will be pleased to know that, because of their good education, most Italian stallions can speak several languages, including English.

Marriage is very normal in this country, and the people's respect for traditions and culture tend to sway them towards the altar.

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You can read the first one here: I asked 9 expats what advice they wish they would have known before moving to Italy. Have questions or want to add your own input about dating an Italian? The Italians are a proud people and both sexes know how to dress to maximum effect for any occasion – local designers are among the world’s best!

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