Dating longcase clock hands

25-May-2020 06:40

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We can see it was purpose-built because of the high front section above the dial, built unusually high to clear the lantern clock bell. I always find this surprising, as it must have been tempting to have left some claim to craftsmanship by the maker.The dial was dismantled to see, just out of interest, whether the maker had left his name or any other information such as a date or a place scratched, however crudely, somewhere out of sight - behind the chapter ring, on the back of the dial….. If I were to make a clock, I would want it to be known by any future enquirer, who I was and when I made it.

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The primitive oak case has a deeper than usual area beneath the top-mould indicating a lack of sophistication in style (but also indicating something else we shall see shortly), has no opening door to the hood (which means the hood must be removed to adjust the setting of the hand), has an absence of pillars to the hood, and a peg-fastening trunk door, which was cheaper than a lock or turnbuckle.To the inexperienced such a clock can look like a 'marriage', that is a clock made up, usually in modern times, from old bits and pieces, often done deliberately to deceive the naïve.In a certain sense such a clock is a marriage, in that an old part or parts are re-used and added to certain new parts.All these features kept the case as simple as possible to keep the price down..

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It is when we look inside at the clock movement itself, that we are aware of its interesting origin.

And many a householder, or church authority, would be glad of the discount the clockmaker would allow against the price of the new item. We have always known that a clockmaker would value the metal parts which he could re-use.