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You can buy something for her with a dog on it, or you can buy something for her dog. Sometimes, a human just can't do the trick to cure a case of the blues.You may need some four-legged help to cheer up your girl. In a pinch, there are millions of dog videos on the internet that can instantly turn any frown into a smile.Sometimes, challenges arise with those you love, but you know you'll stick it out and always be on each other's team.As a lover of the canine species, odds are, she'll be paying attention to a lot of dogs when she should probably pay attention to you.

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The card alone will likely make her day, but a dog-related gift is at the top of the charts.This means she will probably be pretty fit and the two of you can do this together. There’s a reason that videos with pets do so well on You Tube and that’s because seeing them do cute stuff makes us all smile! Get her a mug with her dog’s picture on it and she will be made up. We don’t always know the right things to say to cheer a girl up.Seriously it’s actually fun to go for walks with someone you like. This sounds a bit shallow but shopping for a lady can be tough. Get her anything related to her dog and she will be pleased as punch. Myself I’m dreadful at it, perhaps that’s why I’m single! If a woman can deal with a dog’s issues she can deal with yours.Raising a dog isn't much different than raising a human.

There's the regular feeding, the impossible task of bathing, and a lot of poop. Your stomach flu won't scare her away; she'll be right next to you to help you through it.Keeping active with your pets is a great way to spend time together and get the adrenaline pumping.