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23-Sep-2020 01:47

Based on extensive research on the topic, we’ve put together our guidelines for how to determine the production date of vintage Levi’s denim jackets.

Have a look below to find out how old your jacket is.

The Small Stamps are defined by the absence of the three dots and a size of 1 ¼”.

It should be noted that Zildjian began machine hammering their Avedis cymbals through the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, so identifying via hammering patterns isn’t as reliable for this era.

Depending on where you live, you may find a number of second hand and thrift stores as well as more specialised vintage stores.

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The earliest uniform stamp identification was put in place in 1929 at the Zildjian factory in Massachusetts.As the name implies, the Large Stamp is the biggest stamp ever produced by Zildjian.While these can be confusing because there are models with and without the three dots, there are two easy giveaways when identifying Large Stamps: a hollow block “Zildjian Co” with a more detailed engraving and/or a stamp size of 1 ⅞”.The Trans stamps marked the “transition” in the company’s production of less uniform stamps to a more standardized, even logo.

Three main factors define Trans Stamps: the absence of three dots on the bottom of the Arabic lettering, the exact size of the stamp, and the deeper embossing on the edges of the stamp.

If your jacket has a double row stitching adjacent to the buttonhole and only two chest pockets, then it’s from the same period, 71 till mid-80s.