Dating immature woman

23-Jan-2020 05:28

Some even have the audacity to put pictures of this or that party they attended or pictures of themselves drunk on social media.

These kinds of men have no shame going to ‘entertain’ their girlfriends in their friends’ houses.Drinking like college kids In most bars in Kenyan neighborhoods, aptly called ‘locals’, you are likely to see men who drink, weekend in, weekend out like there is no tomorrow.They drink every day like they are discovering alcohol daily. They participate in ‘let’s see who will take more beer today’ kind of competitions.Imagine the shame of a 35-year-old bumping into his mother in the corridor from the bathroom with only a towel on.

If you are a woman dating such a loser, just know you are in for a long haul; it is very likely he is not marrying you any time soon.For instance, in Nairobi there are video game dens where children go to play computer games.

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