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24-Aug-2020 00:46

Devora is an expert love coach who acts as a human navigator, conducts interviews, checks out profiles, meets members in person and suggests qualified matches from our extensive database.Devora is committed to helping Jewish singles find their Bashert and believes that Marriages Are Made in Heaven, Here on Earth don't wait, don't hesitate and don't be late. A beautiful Hawaiian custom that carries profound meaning is the exchange of flower lei. If you’re planning a Wedding Renewal, the exchange of lei instead of wedding rings may be perfect for you.We provide the wedding ceremony and the the kosher wine and a glass to break.We approach our mission, building Jewish homes and families with our heart and soul.

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One of our friends pointed out to us that we had created a ceremony in Philadelphia to honor the past and a ceremony in Honolulu that looked to the future.No one really knows how it passed from the estate of King David Kalakaua to the temple, but we call it the “Kalakaua Torah” and it reminds us that Hawaii’s Jews are a respected part of the local community.As the saying goes, “we are as local as everyone else, only more so.” Jewish events in Hawaii always include family, friends, and neighbors.We share our lifecycle ceremonies with everyone, as they share theirs with us.

There is no specific Jewish neighborhood: Jews live all over the island.Honolulu is our home and we go to all of its five Jewish congregations. We followed the Honolulu ceremony with an aliyah (going up to say a blessing over the Torah) at Temple Sinai in Dresher, Pennsylvania, where my dad lived.

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