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15-Sep-2019 16:00

We do a lot of writing from the perspective of your worst instincts to remind you how ridiculous they are.Your book is funny, but interspersed with poignancy, what is important to you about laughing through the (sometimes painful) process of dating and meeting people?So when we have an essay like “Building a Healthy Foundation of Trust!Unless They Are In The Shower And Left Their Phone Unlocked” the message is pro-trust and anti-snooping.In their hilarious dating advice book, Hey, U Up: (For a Serious Relationship) College Humor, Adam Ruins Everything, and Hot Date alums Emily Axford and Brian Murphy invite you to do just that.We caught up with them to talk about the trials and tribulations of dating, and the inspiration for their book. MURPH: It’s a satirical relationship advice book that goes through all the steps of dating, from hook-ups to marriage.

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EMILY: If it doesn’t work out with someone, it isn’t a reflection on you. You still learn a lot about yourself and can have a lot of fun. MURPH: I’d like for our readers to be able to laugh at themselves and find it cathartic.

This will not only affect your appearance, but more importantly will affect your self-confidence and put a spring in your step which others will find attractive. By spending time with like-minded friends, you’ll increase your odds of meeting potential love interests through activities and interests that you all share. Be realistic – choose people you have a chance with.