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Oh yeah, and you’d be on national primetime television… Unfortunately, there was an engineers’ strike at ABC at the time and management had to man the cameras. I said, “But what about when your own staff has to sub…?

During the rehearsal, one of the cameramen recognized me and mentioned casually that my father worked for ABC radio.

Two of Thornton’s siblings submitted DNA samples to a national missing person’s database, which also contained DNA from the Wyoming body, which had remained unidentified for decades.

In July 2015, the database connected the samples and alerted Wyoming authorities that the deceased was likely Thornton.

The prosecutor said he is seeking to bring Alcala to Wyoming to get justice in the 1977 killing, but no timeline exists for the move.

Alcala’s crimes stretch back to 1968, when he raped and beat an 8-year-old girl — crimes he was convicted of four years later. Tony Rackauckas declared: “Rodney Alcala is the poster child for the death penalty.” Many of the detectives who worked the case believe Thornton won’t be the last victim tied to the killer.“Him being behind bars since 1979 probably saved a lot of lives,” said Cliff Shepard, a retired cold case detective with the Los Angeles Police [email protected] @lacrimes on Twitter.

They walked us through it, where we sat, what to do after the girl made her selection, etc. (I’ve since become friends with Howard Kaylan and he can’t even remember that event). It is like having different dating apps' features compacted into a single app.

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