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07-Sep-2020 11:31

Online dating has become the world’s leading platform for soul searching and finding companionship for millions of people online.This has made it easy especially for people who may be searching for soul mates who share the same religious views to find each other.For example, many Muslims who work abroad surrounded by western culture feel disadvantaged, as it is difficult to find soul mates in their areas of residence abroad.Over recent years it has been almost impossible for Muslims to meet and date due to environment and cultural diversity all over the world but thanks to online Muslim dating sites the phrase "love has no boundaries’ has had its true meaning revealed to many people as they have interacted from different countries and found love.The profile should provide as much information about you as possible ranging from the kind of personality you have, things you enjoy doing and most importantly your contact details.It is also good that you include the kind of person you are in search of be it a soul mate or a companion. V to potential soul mates who will peruse it to see if you are a match.If only Mark Zuckerberg knew he was also playing Cupid for Muslims. It's kinda like the TV show except it’s the PG version.There's always one guy in the community who attracts all the attention from the ladies because he has it all. This is the guy who thrives off attention, keeps every girl at arm’s length but in the end, gets married within a month and you never hear from him again. But all that has changed with the Muslim dating apps - except for the Muslim Bachelor Syndrome.

That is, a suitor and his or her parents would come to your home and check you out and if they like what they see, they’ll continue visiting until a marriage takes place.

In turn, you will also peruse other people’s profiles seeing if they meet what you are in search of as well as if you have the same interests or you share certain passions that you have.

Once you find someone that might suit as the perfect soul mate you can initiate conversation via chat capabilities provided by the website or via their email.

Many people have gotten married from these sites, conversely, many have sworn off relationships after using them.

One user claimed to have seen his mum on one of the apps. Before these apps became an option, the Muslim dating scene was less and more Austen era courtship.

Other honourable mentions I encountered on the tube from Muzmatch included a picture of a woman in hijab with the words “you had me at halal”, another with a take on Adele’s classic “halal from the other side” and my particular favourite, a picture of Lionel Richie lying down next to the words: “halal, is it me you’re looking for?