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13-Nov-2020 14:23

If you're feeling lonely in your relationship, take the time to go inward and be honest with yourself about why this may be. "We just feel bored and blame the other for not being more exciting," she explains in an article for Psychology Today.Some people are addicted to external stimulation, according to Andrea F. When this is the case, the best thing you can do is acknowledge that you may be feeling this way.You can do this by being emotional in front of your S.O., or it can be as simple as sharing a story with them.Many of us assume that we have to be alone to be lonely, but that’s not the case—studies show that an estimated 20% of people suffer from chronic loneliness and more than 60% of these individuals are married and living with their partner.But what exactly does it mean when you’re feeling alone in a romantic relationship, and does that mean you should call it quits?“Loneliness is emotional and mental isolation.” Some signs to look out for include feeling unable to be yourself with your partner, lacking genuine intimacy, and hiding your true feelings and likes.This state can stem from many different things, including depression, grief, and anxiety.

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However, Polard notes that if there is still love in your hearts for one another, you can work towards reconnecting.

When you share a piece of yourself, it combats your loneliness since you are open to finding a true connection.