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You can also view them by languages and by the time they were added — over the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, and the last 30 days.

You'll love these audiobooks if you need something short to listen to before falling asleep.

There are free audio converter tools you can use if you need the audiobook to be in a different file format. Download free books for your Kindle, free children's Kindle books, free romance e Books, or free Nook books. There are lots of websites aside from the ones below that offer free audio books that you can download through torrent websites.

However, you should know that while that method of sharing audio e Books and other digital files (e.g., movies, software, music) may seem completely fine, it's normally illegal in most countries and is typically considered an unsafe method for sharing files since it's a common way to transmit malware.

Just make sure to grab them quickly because as books get more popular, Scribl puts a price on them.

Similar to Spotify, You Tube is not primarily a good source for audiobooks because most of the content is music and videos.

Lit2Go is a unique free audio book website that organizes their audio books based on readability using the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level index.

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The easiest way to find an audio book here is to browse through the authors and titles.

There are also lots of audiobook categories to browse through.

SYNC gives away two free audio books every week over the summer.

The audio books here include original stories, fairy tales, classic stories, educational books, and some small stories for the very little ones.

These audio book downloads are located on a variety of other websites, too, so some of them may be direct links to the MP3 while others might be streamed from its download page but not available for download.

The Internet Archive also has a ton of free audio book downloads that you can browse through by subject, keywords, or using the search box.

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