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It can be a little unnerving to see how these apps have analyzed your pictures.

But the software can save you hours and is simple to use.

To see the groupings and label them, tap the Albums tab and go to People & Pets.

Select a thumbnail to open the group and add a name.

You can label each group with a name by tapping a photo and using the Add Name option.

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If you have names in your People album and geotagged photos, use the app’s search box to round up results, like “Mary in Louisville in 2019.”Even without having to add or confirm photo tags yourself, you can also search for items within images, like “wedding dress” or “concerts,” thanks to basic object and scene recognition in both apps.The Camera Roll is a unique view that only you can see.It automatically finds and shows you every photo and video (private and public) you've ever uploaded to your account.  Access the Camera Roll Mouse over You, then click Camera Roll.Here are ways to use the programs — and how to tweak them to adjust to your needs.

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If your phone’s location services setting was enabled when you took the pictures, the geographical coordinates were likely embedded into the image file; this is also called “geotagging.” Tap the Albums tab in Google Photos or Apple’s Photo app to see the Places album, with pictures labeled and grouped by location.You might be able to dig up platform-specific info on the ideal number of pictures you should have, or even the most successful facial expressions for men and women. In truth, "hey" might be a perfectly acceptable way to start a conversation with a friend or colleague. But here's the thing -- you're not approaching someone you have a preexisting relationship with. But the opposite of a soul-suckingly generic greeting is actually taking the time to look at a person's profile. (Maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.)You're just trying to break the ice and veer into a more natural chat about whatever is actually interesting to you both.

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