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The Change of Major process for the College of Engineering is separated into two categories depending on the number of earned units.If you are unsure of units earned, check with your major advisor or an ESSC advisor.Due to impaction constraints, every prospective lower division student is required to submit a Change of Major application for departmental review.Admittance cannot be guaranteed and will depend on the applicant’s overall academic progress and performance in key Engineering courses.Students must do the following: Students should follow the steps for 60 or above units with one modification in step 4.There is a different form for students with above 90 earned units which is also found on the Registrar's forms page.Also note that changing majors with 90 or more units earned requires a signature from the Associate Dean of Engineering.The COE’s Change of Major policy and application process provides prospective students with manageable steps for completing preparation courses in a timely manner.

Today, Trinity is one of just a few highly selective liberal arts colleges that offers two engineering degree paths: a Bachelor of Science degree, accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, and a Bachelor of Arts in Engineering Science degree.

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As a Badger engineer, you will acquire the knowledge and skills that will help you make a difference in our world—and you’re sure to find an engineering major that matches your interests and goals.

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