Dating enamelware

02-Nov-2019 20:29

Cathrineholm is an enamel cookware designed by Norwegian Grete Prytz Kittelsen.

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Timeline Think about enamel kitchen utensils today, and you probably imagine something coated all over in enamel. To begin with, cooking pots were lined inside with enamel, but they looked like any other cast iron on the outside.Teapots and mixing bowls in near-mint condition are more common and might cost to 0. Like many antiques, you can get a sense of the age from the overall patina. Big pitchers are a favorite of mine, like this one from Abeille Antiques . Worn ladles, funnels, and pie tins can sell for about to . And even if it is light in weight & sounds “tinny” if you love it – get it. A genuine antique may have its maker’s name or date fired into the glaze on the bottom.

But as it was not precious when made, it was common not to mark the pieces.

Much lighter than the average kitchenware, easier to clean and less fragile than china, enamelware was very popular. The names Agateware and Graniteware caught on and came to be used interchangeably with generics such as porcelainware and speckleware.