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13-Jul-2020 07:32

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Her advice about building a mental bridge to the person resonated with me more than other advice I had read and received, which all were focused on the more tangible, but which seemed, well, needy. " “I found Catherine’s blog - Breakup while googling advice online on how to repair a relationship.

It can be difficult in today’s busy world to meet someone we connect with, and it’s important to not make mistakes and possibly turn off that person.

Communication Problems, Dating/Being Single Support, Divorce Rehabilitation, Empowering Women, Energy Psychology, Financial Well Being, Happiness, Learning Disorders, Sexuality Author, Divorce Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Neurolanguage Coach, Personal Development Coach, Sex Educator, Speaker/Presenter, Your Tango Expert Partner When you reframe your past experiences and let go of disappointments, your personal magnetism becomes irresistible, like magic! I loved that in Catherine’s coaching sessions I didn’t have to verbalize past burdens.

Catherine Behan is a Master Peak Performance and Success Coach living in San Diego, California. Most authentic, down to earth material I've come across in a very long time.. Rather Catherine teaches a variety of solutions and shares resources in releasing those burdens, while refining - or in my case developing - emotional independence.

You are beyond ready to move into the next phase of your life with the right person by your side.

As a matchmaker and dating and relationship coach, it’s my passion and life purpose to help others achieve success and fulfillment on their dating journey!

As our world gets more global and technical, true relationship intimacy can falter.