Dating christmas ornaments

26-Aug-2020 03:03

Although the first hinged nutcracker is attributed to the Romans, the ones we’re familiar with were first produced by German craftsmen in the early 1800s, as functional decorations in the shapes of soldiers, kings, woodsmen, and miners. GI’s brought them home during WW2, spurring a wave of collecting.

With their iconic beards and painted rosy cheeks, German nutcrackers soon found a large audience in America. Several makers, such as Steinbach, still produce collectible limited edition nutcrackers.

In the space age 1950’s, Americans became enamored with newfangled aluminum Christmas trees, which were produced in silver, pink and even purple, rotated on electric tree stands with an electric light ‘color wheel’.

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Americans started decorating trees in the early 1800s, often covering them in garlands of popcorn or cookies baked in festive shapes.Your cherished decorations might be valuable, and even if not, you can sure have a whole lot of fun decorating with them!