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17-Nov-2020 22:51

Moreover, as we age into our later years, we grow accustomed to our lifestyles and the people we live them with.As married couples spend more years together, they can grow more dependent on their spouses and consequently more reliant on that lifestyle.Yet grief, intense worry, and unhappiness resulting from widowhood are much more common among widowers and widows than their counterparts.Periods of grief can last various durations – a few months, several years, even a lifetime – depending on individual’s coping mechanisms.

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Everybody deal this condition differently, and if you’ve taken your time to restore and have decided you’re ready to start dating again, these 5 best dating websites for widows and widowers are the places where you’ll feel welcomed and comfortable.The tragic loss of a husband or wife can never truly be comprehended by an outsider, but many researchers have discovered a variety of statistics that may allow us to be a little more understanding of the nature of widowhood.According to the US Census, nearly “13% of men and 40% of women aged 65 and older are widows.” While the psychological effects of widowhood cannot be generalized into one category and vary depending on the individual, the social consequences are much more clear.When one of the key components of this system is lost, the balance can be thrown off and the survivor faces economic challenges.

Women in particular have a very difficult time with finances after the loss of a husband.The Encyclopedia of Aging states that “widowed older women, on average, report lower incomes and are more likely to be poor than are other groups of elderly persons”.

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