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As Armin Baum (“The Anonymity of the New Testament History Books,” pg.

121) explains: While most New Testament letters bear the names of their (purported) authors (James, Jude, Paul, Peter, or at least “the Elder”) the authors of the historical books [the Gospels and Acts] do not reveal their names.

To illustrate this, I will compare the evidence for the Gospels’ authors with that of a secular work, namely Tacitus’ .

Through looking at some of the same criteria that we can use to evaluate the authorial attributions of ancient texts, I will show why scholars have many good reasons to doubt the authors of the Gospels, while being confident in the authorship of a more solid tradition, such as what we have for a historical author like Tacitus. There is no single “one-size-fits-all” methodology that can be used for every single ancient text.

For the canonical Gospels there are a number of both internal and external reasons why scholars doubt their traditional authors–Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

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