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One theory of how gunpowder came to Europe is that it made its way along the Silk Road through the Middle East; another is that it was brought to Europe during the Mongol invasion in the first half of the 13th century.

The first mention of firearms in Russia is found in the Sofiiskii vremennik chronicle, where it is stated that during the 1382 defense of Moscow from Tokhtamysh's Golden Horde, Muscovites used firearms called tyufyaki (Russian: Around the late 14th century in Italy, smaller and portable hand-cannons or schioppi were developed, creating in effect the first smoothbore personal firearm.

The prototype of the fire lance was invented in China during the 10th century and is the predecessor of all firearms.

In China, the earliest firearm was the fire lance, a black-powder–filled tube attached to the end of a spear and used as a flamethrower (not to be confused with the Byzantine flamethrower); shrapnel was sometimes placed in the barrel so that it would fly out together with the flames.

By that time, metallurgy had developed sufficiently so that brass could be worked into fixed ammunition.

Previously, each round was custom made as needed: the shooter poured loose powder down the barrel, used leather or cloth for wadding if time allowed, selected a suitable projectile (lead ball, rocks, arrow, or nail), then seated the projectile on top of the powder charge by means of a ramrod. Fixed ammunition combined a primer, the pre-measured charge, and the projectile in a water-resistant brass cartridge case.

During the early modern age, these hand-held cannons evolved into the match lock, wheel lock,dog lock, and flintlock rifle, respectively, then the breech loader and finally the automatic weapon.

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Thus the cylinder serves as both magazine and firing chambers.The double-action revolver is a design almost as old as the single action. revolvers can only be fired using the trigger (e.g., revolvers with bobbed or hidden hammers).Some double-action revolvers, called double-action only or D. Most double-action revolvers can be fired in either of the two ways.In the late 15th century, the Ottoman Empire used firearms as part of its regular infantry.

The earliest surviving firearm in Europe was found in Otepää, Estonia and it dates to at least as early as 1396.

Early cartridge firearms had to be cocked and caught by the "sear", which holds the hammer back, before each shot.

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