Dating and taking a break american dating site web

21-Apr-2020 13:16

The same thing can happen in dating and relationships.

If we keep repeating the same patterns on auto-pilot without ever pausing to assess how things are going, clear out what’s not working, or make changes when appropriate, we’ll keep adding layer upon layer of stuff we don’t want.

You can take a break so you can date other people and decide whether you want to commit to each other exclusively.

You can take a break so you can work on yourself for a while and come back to the relationship with a better mindset.

If you're sure you want to be together but you're having problems getting along, you might agree not to see each other for a while but not to date other people either.

If one or both of you isn't sure about committing or doesn't feel ready to be exclusive, you might agree on some rules for dating.

It didn’t matter that they made me feel sick or that my energy bottomed-out every afternoon.

A relationship break is time spent apart for the purpose of either strengthening the relationship or deciding to end it.

You can make any rules you want, but make sure they're clear and that both of you agree on them.

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