Dating a shy man

11-Sep-2020 04:17

Nobody wants to date a shy guy for years without shifting to a higher gear.

If your boyfriend is extremely shy, he may never initiate the topic of sex leave alone the act itself.

According to the blog, sexting is a sure way of making your man comfortable and plant the seed of desire in his heart.

Prepare him mentally so he can’t wait to get laid when you meet next.

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It, however, cautions you from being an outright flirt as this may send the wrong message.When the two of you are far apart, you have the space to say things that you would not have said when you are together.Take advantage of this and send kinky messages and images.Are you the brave and bold woman who can do anything by herself?

Chances are that you are scaring men away from you.

Soon afterward, he will open up to you because you truly understand him.