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07-Nov-2020 05:24

But, hey, hardly any of us practice what we preach, do we?Having an affair with a married man There’s something about a married man, or even a guy who’s got a girlfriend, for that matter.

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The degree of love and affection that you share will intensify immeasurably. I promise I will wear your ring and always hold your hand.If you aren’t already involved with a married man, you may actually think this is funny and repulsive.Now why would any woman want to pick a guy who’s already been taken, when there are a million single guys around?But trust me, I really didn’t want that kind of relationship in the first place.

Love, lust and affairs with married men The first time I ever fell in love with a committed man was when I was in high school.I had a great guy friend who was very sweet and charming, and not to mention gorgeous and a great sense of humor.