Dating a man who makes less money

07-Jul-2020 10:50

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If he’s going to bars every night or playing video games, do either of those activities worry you?If he doesn’t seem to be doing anything and is just so excited to get your call, does bother you?She’s been single for a while but recently met a guy — a Ph. student who plans to be a music teacher — who she really likes.

I think this is a great question — I’ve been there on both counts, and I think it’s something that can be unique to overachieving chicks. (And apologies in advance for every time I say “he” or “the guy” — I really do just mean the person you’re dating, but it can be so much more awkward to write.) First, let me start by saying that in the beginning, I wanted a guy who was “more” than me — taller, smarter, richer, more successful.

I keep reading that the primary thing couples fight about is money, so look at this seriously. A fun game that I only played with my husband after we were married was the “If I made $__, my lifestyle would be ____” game. If anything makes either of your eyebrows fly up, talk about it.

Again, there is no right or wrong answer, only “like me” or “not like me.”Do you both live within your means? I’m sure readers have tips for how they’ve managed relationships where the other person had less money or more time.

A few of my own tips: Readers, what are your thoughts on dating someone with less money than you? Have you been in relationships like that, and how have they worked out?

She’s always been careful with money (it’s her job, after all), and just finished paying off her student loans.

(I haaaate the phone, and I certainly never had time for long lovey-dovey talks when I was at the firm.) Some people like to be taken to really nice restaurants or the “hot” new place, which your date may or may not be able to afford (either for you or for him).

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