Dating a guy who plays video games

08-Mar-2020 08:52

something which may not have ever crossed your mind. He's just living his life, probably dating others, and you're contacting him more than he cares to answer.Perhaps he feels smothered or believes if he answers you every time you'll believe it's a relationship or misread that he's ready to commit when he's not.transform yourself into the future with him and imagine what he's doing now will only get worse.THAT will stop you from playing along with him AND keep you from investing your valuable time on a guy who LIKES to treat others like children OR needs to play games just to get what he wants. Of course little did I know I was ruining my chances entirely but that's a story for another time.He is who he is and until he opts to change, you may never get to this guy.

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This case can be a little more complicated but it comes down to something very important...

My advice will always be this: When you first meet a guy - sending messages or contacting him less is always better than too much.

Too much will have these things happen to you and make it difficult to get out of where as less contact makes it easier to progress forward.

He must realize his place in the world is not only as valid as yours, but he's also not the determining factor of YOU.

He must also feel your respect for him is unwavering UNLESS he does something to ruin that through his not-so-nice means or games.

My absolute gut feeling about this reason or "type of guy" , which I will warn you lacks a certain empathy, is to sleep with him if you want sex and expect nothing more than that, push him back on your schedule until he proves he is capable and willing to act differently, or erase your connection to him entirely.