Dating a guy just out of a long term relationship updating panther to tiger

09-May-2020 02:08

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Although he said he was single, I felt he was holding back from asking me out and then I learned from him that he was in a long-term relationship and lived with his girlfriend of 10 years.He didn't cross any lines with me, but I pulled back from flirting because I had no interest in getting involved with someone who was already in a relationship.It went terribly, I'm sure I came off as really needy.Just make sure you're dating her because you like her, not because you like dating For me I started dating immediately after and that was bad.Why is because I broke up with her and was already kinda done with the relationship before it officially ended.Some of my friends thought I was rushing things, but I wasn't. But if I hadn't been ready for that breakup I would probably of not been ready near as fast.

I'm enjoying this attention I just worry I'm not emotionally sound yet.

This was very stressful for him, but he said he didn't regret his decision.

After he initially told his girlfriend that he wanted to split up, our relationship took a new form.

He said he had fallen in love with me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Basically, I want to have a close relationship that leads to marriage and a family, and originally he seemed open to the idea of doing things differently than he did with this other woman.

We tried to hold off but started becoming romantically involved while he was still splitting up and dealing with the "divorce." Some days were wonderful; others were unhappy because he was very stressed out about all the changes in his life. We are both successful professionals and having children is what I want but not a "deal-breaker" if he can't overcome his reluctance to make the sacrifices necessary to raise children.

I just got out of a 8yr relationship about 2months ago. Told her I wasn't looking for anything serious and I'm worried I'll get caught up in it. You really are the only one who can answer the question, are you ready for another relationship? Sometimes just seeing a different perspective helps.