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10-Aug-2020 04:30

The one with images takes much more disc space – and that also means it will take longer to download it from the library to your Google Books application.PG offers also a very convenient way to keep up with newly added books – you can subscribe to an RSS feed.For instance, here is the link to: bestsellers – that are free – that are 50k words or longer.Currently there are about 25,000 free ebooks on Smashwords.And that’s where the other sites can be extremely useful.⇢ Google Play Books Smashwords is one of the most popular places to find ebooks from independent authors and publishers.The good thing is that by default Google displays new titles.

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For instance, there are 2,100 science-fiction books that are free on Smashwords.Obviously, some of them were pulled to Google Play Books. That means they can be offered in a digital format for free.In this post I’ve described how to find free books on Google Play. For any search performed, no matter how specific it is, you’ll have the option to filter books to display only free ones (see screenshot below).Compared to Kindle Store, where there are no more than 2.5 million titles, it seems to be a lot, but don’t get too excited.

Google Play Books offers much less contemporary ebook publications than Amazon, that’s for sure.

⇢ Smashwords Project Gutenberg is the top place to download free classics. Currently there are 42,000 public domain books in the catalog.