Dangers of blind dating

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He was dressed in khakis and a white button up shirt with a tie. "Thanks..." Moving closer to her, he pulled up his pant leg for her to see. Just as she was about to turn and leave, a black BMW convertible pulled up, the bright lights shining in her eyes. Desiree glanced down at her own ensemble, feeling a bit embarassed. Desiree glanced over, a tall sleek man catching her eye. Desiree glanced down at her blue chuck taylor converse. "Please act civilized little brother." Desiree gave him a funny look. Running down the steps, Desiree tripped slightly into the man in front of her, causing them to tumble down the steps together. I'm so so sorry." She blushed, scrambling to her feet. I feel like I'll betray him." Desiree groaned, throwing a pillow at her friend. not that she looked like one in her casual t-shirt and jeans, but after a while it can seem a bit akward. " Amara jumped out from the backseat, sporting a sleek black dress and heels. " "The Velvet Rose." A smooth, casual voice answered cooly. " Gavin appeared from behind the ritzy car sporting an all black outfit with a casual tie. She really didn't feel like seeing any of her friends after a disaster like that, even if was just a laughing matter. They were already ten minutes late, and Desiree was beginning to feel a little bit like a prostitute waiting on the street corner... Now he's always going to remember her as the one who tripped three times in only five seconds. Sighing heavily, Desiree bolted towards the subway without looking back once. "~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~How was that? Choose a neutral location that is not a local hang out for either one of you.Even if the date goes well you should not leave with the other person. "Thanks." Jason honked, getting a little impatient. She began feeling a bit reluctant after meeting him... They have the best food in town." Desiree and Gavin glanced at the forks and spoons, and then back at each other. Feeling more than a bit embarrased, Desiree buried her face in her hands, hiding her beet red face. The waiter glared at her, wiping off his food splattered suit. " Amara whispered, helping her friend ring out her water soked hair. Muttering a quiet sorry, she bolted out of there as fast as she could, hiding her reddened face. "I don't need it." Desiree blushed, slipping the tie over her head. " Gavin rolled his eyes, slipping in the car next to Amara. lighten up a little." Desiree sighed, getting in the front seat of the BMW. "Maybe this isn't such a great idea Jason..." "Well, why not? Squeals and screams were heard throught the whole restaurant as plates of salad landed on people heads and laps.

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To be on the safe side you might want to only give out your cell phone number as opposed to your home number until you have decided that this is a person you wish to get to know better.

Inside the restaurant, Desiree felt a little out of place as she gawked at all the fancy decorations and prim, prissy adults. I have a few more years to go." Jason smiled, folding his hands in has lap. Her date was a total drag, and Amara wasn't even really talking to Gavin.

It was going to be a long night if they kept arguing like that. " Amara questioned, seeming a bit more interested than anyone else at the table. "Wow, you're older than all of us." Desiree's smile began to droop as boredom began to slip in.

While there are many “wolves in sheep’s clothing” there are also some good people out there who are well meaning and honest about wanting to meet decent like minded individuals.

Do not get caught in a spider web of problems on a blind date by being as safe as you possibly can be. "Are people like me and you actually allowed in here? Desiree and Gavin merely glanced at each other briefly before following the short host to the table. She turned around quickly, loosing her balance a bit as she tripped on her shoe lace.

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