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29-Jul-2020 02:56

The ministers he knew were happy preaching only to those who walked through their doors on Sunday.

The only way to spread the good news as he envisioned, Soto decided, was to found his own church. He felt called to become a spiritual entrepreneur—an “apostle” in the lingo of some Christian writers whose thinking had come to influence him.

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As the price of headsets drops and VR technology becomes more accessible, Soto sees virtual churches as a way to bolster flagging church attendance, particularly among the young and others who feel alienated by real world churches.

Across the country churches were rolling out digital offerings—building livestreaming tools and message boards to engage the young and allow seniors, the sick, or disabled people to worship remotely.

Soto had even used some of those tools to launch his own church online five years earlier. It felt , a digital world that could convey the feeling of communing in worship.

Soto was always going to be a preacher—until, suddenly, he wasn’t.

He grew up a peripatetic military brat, and after each of his family’s moves religion provided a ready-made community.

Soto strapped on an Oculus Rift and stepped into virtual reality, he felt like the ancient prophets must have felt—arriving in the promised land that would fulfill his destiny.

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