Creating or updating a dns delegation

06-Oct-2020 06:20

Thanks to this feature, the whole DNS is so easily scalable.

It will reduce the load, increase the speed and redundancy. Knowing how to manage your DNS will increase the performance greatly.

One is the DNS itself (Read this article), and the second is the definition of delegation. Underneath it, there are the TLD domains like “com”, “org”, “net” and so on.

To delegate, it means to give the right to manage, the control of some resources or tasks to another. Then it is time for the domains of the second level like “” and so on.

Windows Server 2012 provides advancements to every area of IT services, and that certainly includes Active Directory.

However, in Windows Server 2012, you do not run dcpromo to promote your server to a domain controller.

In Windows Server 2012, dcpromo has been deprecated. There are now two ways to promote your server to a DC. This provides the ability to script the process, save the script, or batch the process out to multiple servers.

The second option is a task made available in Server Manager that can be run to begin the promotion wizard.

There are few reasons to do it: When you create new DNS zone, you must have delegation records in other zones that point toward the authoritative DNS servers for the new one.

The resource record information of the new DNS zone will be stored in a DNS server, which will be the primary master for that zone.Each name server host name must end in a dot (.) to keep your domain name from being appended to the end.