Corinne bailey rae dating again

15-Sep-2020 11:22

Elsewhere Bailey Rae was like a funkier PJ Harvey on the organ driven Paper Dolls and then channelled proper Stones style Rhythm and Blues on The Blackest Lily.For Are You Here and I’d Do It All Again her delicate vocals make the dark subject matter (the death of her husband Jason in 2008) more touching.It's hard not to view through the prism of the saddest type of break-up, but even ignoring the painful circumstances of its birth, this is a record which shows real growth for Rae as a songwriter and musician.Unlike her debut, it features a clutch of wonderful moments where the strength of the tunes match the quality of the smooth - but not too slick - sound of the recordings.

A heartwrenching lament about a "real live wire" of a guy, it uses Rae's voice to tease and tug, rather than just as very pretty aural wallpaper.

In her mid-teens she developed a love for Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.