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13-Sep-2019 19:14

For example, when you consolidate, you can keep most of the benefits of your federal student loans—like the ability to reduce or defer payments during periods of financial hardship or enroll in an income-based repayment plan.That said, certain federal student loans have forgiveness programs that are specific for that kind of loan.The interest rate on your consolidation loan is calculated by taking the weighted average of all of your current interest rates and rounded up to the nearest 1/8 percent.There aren’t many drawbacks to federal student loan consolidation.Avoid other companies promising to reduce your interest rates or consolidate your federal loans.Private loans are another matter, which we’ll dive into next.If you have variable-rate student loans, there is always the chance that those rates could go down and the fixed rate you get with a consolidation loan will be higher than you would’ve paid.Right now (2015), however, this isn’t much of a risk as interest rates are low to begin with and will conceivably only go up in the near future.

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You may be eligible even if you are in default on one or more of your student loans, provided that you have agreed to a modified repayment plan.The last thing you want to do is to miss a student loan payment or fail to pay a loan at all because you forgot about it. ) But even if you’re organized, life might be a lot simpler if you had one or two student loan payments instead of 10.