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01-Oct-2019 02:18

Though syphilis cases are not as common as other cases in Colorado Springs, it is still possible to become infected with the disease.

Syphilis causes potentially painful sores all over the body, resembling canker sores.

Using the Center for Disease Control's 2016 STD Surveillance Report for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis and extrapolated using the latest 2011 US Census, it is estimated that 18.5 incidents of syphilis, 1895.2 cases of chlamydia and 442.8 cases of gonorrhea, would be attributed to Colorado Springs in 2016.

Herpes is another disease that plagues the Colorado Springs.

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Because of their tendency to engage in riskier behaviors, young people are particularly vulnerable to contracting chlamydia.The physician from PWN Health will contact you within 4 to 24 hours of receiving your test result.At the end of the consultation the physician may prescribe the necessary medication for treatment.The disease is present in two forms: HSV-1 and HSV-2.

When there is an outbreak of HSV-2, it is usually in the form of blisters on the genitals.

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