Classical music online dating

16-May-2020 16:42

Rihanna does not exist for you in that moment, and neither does Coldplay.Instead, the music that is following the rhythm of your seemingly ideal night is Franz Liszt's "Liberestraum" or "Love Dream." What does Miley Cyrus have to say about our love lives that Holst cannot?

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As well as asking our respondents to reveal their favorite genres, we also wanted to gauge people’s attitudes towards live music and dating.

It's easy to think of pop music as the soundtrack for a single person's life.

We can recall Rihanna's voice serenading us in our car as we drive to yet another date, looking for love in a hopeless place.

And then the drums, those signals of defeat — but then, the stirrings of passion!

There is possibility for my own untouched palms, perhaps, even if not on this night.

Next time you meet someone online or through a dating app, instead of pregaming with Top 40, try Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart.