Chen qiao en dating

30-Nov-2019 08:39

Some people say that Louis Koo has not married, in the heart has not put a woman, that is, Joe Chen.

Joe Chen so far not married, the heart is also not forget a man, he is Louis Koo.

Louis Koo introduced by friends and Joe Chen acquaintance, after two people secret love for one year.

2014 December last year, Sandra Ng "Kangxi" when outspoken, said Michelle Chen was introduced to Louis Koo, this broke the news also makes Joe Chen jealous, first with Louis Koo playing the part company each going his own way after the cold war.

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Joe Chen as the idol drama queen, the scandal is also wonderful, many years ago and Wallace Huo has a feeling.

Just because Joe Chen wants too much, and he just business, so the two people's feelings also come to an end.