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By continuing past this page you are stating that you are of legal age and it is legal in your area to view pornographic material of sexy Japanese beauties .Furthermore, you certify that this site and/or its affiliatons will not be responsible in anyway for your ventures onto this site.All models appearing on the site were at least 18 years of age at the time their photos/movies were taken.This site contains sexually explicit material and is not intended for children.It includes day dancing and family re-unions and runs for 4 – 6 days in mid-May.‘Uchau’ is held only in Birir in late September to early October.In 1895-6 many Bashgalis fled to Chitral and settled in the Upper Kalash Valleys and in an ironic twist of fate within 50 years they all converted to Islam. The women wear voluminous black or brown dresses reaching to ground, bound at the waist with a sash.Over thin plaits they wear headpieces decorated with cowrie shells, beads, buttons and coins.

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‘Joshi’ is the festival dedicated to spring and future festivals.

Between the13th and 16th centuries the Chitralis gradually subdued the Kalasha.

By the 19th century there were estimated to be 50,000 and they Kalasha were pushed to higher valleys of the southern Hindu Kush.

Ceremonial versions can be spectacular with exotic embroidery, mounds of bead necklaces, bells and plumes.

The women often decorate faces with mulberry-juice tattoo’s, or pomegranate seeds, or blacken them with burnt goat hair which also serves as sunburn protection too.Kalash religion is complex and polytheistic with a single creator called ‘Dezau’ or ‘Khodai’ and lesser gods and spirits with their own responsibilities.

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