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The solution to this query is to specify the tables to be locked in the FOR UPDATE clause via the FOR option, or break the query into separate cursors such that each cursor locks a single table only.

Tom Could you kindly comment on the validity of the statement below: From what you told me my conclusions are: 1.

For example, the above cursor can be rewritten as follows: CURSOR lock_departure(x_dep_id NUMBER) IS select departure_id from WSH_DEPARTURES where DEPARTURE_ID = x_dep_id FORUPDATE NOWAIT; CURSOR lock_deliveries(x_dep_id NUMBER) IS select delivery_id from WSH_DELIVERIES where ACTUAL_DEPARTURE_ID = x_dep_id FOR UPDATE NOWAIT; CURSOR lock_line_details(x_dep_id NUMBER) IS select line_detail_id from SO_LINE_DETAILS where DEPARTURE_ID = x_dep_id FOR UPDATE NOWAIT; CURSOR lock_picking_details(x_dep_id NUMBER) IS select picking_line_detail_id from SO_PICKING_LINE_DETAILS where DEPARTURE_ID = x_dep_id FOR UPDATE NOWAIT; Begin OPEN lock_departure(entity_id); CLOSE lock_departure; OPEN lock_deliveries(entity_id); CLOSE lock_deliveries; OPEN lock_line_details(entity_id); CLOSE lock_line_details; OPEN lock_picking_details(entity_id); CLOSE lock_picking_details; End; In summary, do not code a SQL statement that performs an unqualified lock via the FOR UPDATE clause.

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Then, I tried the same thing with one of primary key disabled in the WHERE clause of the plsql.

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