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The best friend I ever made online is a woman named Donna from California. I wear my blonde hair long with just a hint of curls and I have blue eyes.Like me, she is divorced and raising a son who was the same age as John. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS I GUESS WHEN YOU'RE AROUND A GOOD LOOKING YOUNG MAN ALL THE TIME! After the last bathroom incident, John had fled to his room, no doubt to masturbate, and I had done the same. I know my son loves to peek at me and who could blame him, I thought to myself. I took off my blouse and undid my bra, admiring my still relatively firm breasts, cupping them as I looked at myself in the mirror, my large button nipples getting hard as I brushed them with my fingers.We even admitted to becoming aroused talking about such things with each other and like a couple of giggling teenagers at a slumber party, we would masturbate together, describing our naughty fantasies as we fingered ourselves. We had gaped at each other for several seconds as he gawped at me. JUST AS I FINISHED DRESSING, I ACTED LIKE I DIDN'T LIKE THE OUTFIT I PUT ON AND I SO I STRIPPED IT OFF. I know I should have been horrified, but her words on the computer screen had me as wet as I could be. I hastily pulled my fingers from my throbbing cunt and without thinking, typed a response with my free hand while figuring out what to do with my dripping fingers. He has an unruly shock of black hair that he inherited from his maternal grandfather and my own blue eyes. Got a pot roast cooking in the oven, it will be maybe another thirty minutes.Late one night as we came down from mutual orgasms, Donna first broached a subject that would set our course towards a life changing event. Then I managed to wrap the towel around me and told him I'd be finished in just a minute if he needed to pee. I was terribly aroused at the thought of my friend teasing her son. I giggled as I impulsively stuck them in my mouth and sucked my own cream off. Why don't you go clean up, grab a shower and I'll have dinner on the table when you get back downstairs." I walked up to him and kissed him on the corner of his mouth, aware that he was staring intently at me as I crossed the room.This is a work of fiction, all characters are imaginary and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. I was pretty much computer illiterate until my son taught me and now I don't know how I ever got along without it. I joined one of the major chat sites and it was as if the whole word opened up for me. My husband and I divorced many years ago and he left the area and we lost touch with him, which is no loss for me, but has been hard on our son, John. Donna: WHY DON'T WE BOTH BE NAUGHTY MOTHERS, SWEETIE! When I walked into my house that afternoon, I was worn out.All these interesting people out there to meet and talk with -- I quickly became hooked on chat and eventually it would change my life forever -- but I'm getting ahead of my story. He missed having a father dearly, but I did the best I could to be a mother and a father to my son and I think he's turned out okay. Who knew that being naughty could be such hard work? I felt like a wanton slut as I threw my other leg over the arm of the chair, leaving myself spread wide as I plunged three fingers in and out of my pussy while my other hand feathered over my swollen clitoris. I clicked off the internet and focused on fingering myself.

As time went on, Donna and I became so close in our internet chats, we found ourselves able to talk about the intimate details of our lives -- almost no detail of our sex lives were kept back from each other, as we described the rare occasions we had lovers as well as what we liked sexually. This was naughty talk and it felt like nothing had before. I remembered a moment a few weeks ago as I was drying off in the bathroom and John has walked in unexpectedly, finding me fully naked. ) I GOT A LITTLE TURNED ON AND DECIDED TO TEASE HIM. I groaned a little and plunged three fingers into my pussy. John came bounding in a little before six o'clock from baseball practice. He towers over his short mother, standing just a hair shy of six feet and has lost most of his youthful slimness, his chest and arms becoming that of a man.

I leaned against the counter top, my whole body shaking from the tension.

I felt like a hot furnace was between my legs and I could barely stand.

Well, this story has a different genesis than most of my work. When I could finally get up, I stumbled on to bed on shaky knees and fell asleep wondering what I had gotten myself into.

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It is based on an online chat conversation that an internet friend/reader of mine shared with me. The next morning, I woke up after a night of strange, troubling yet arousing dreams -- sex dreams of vague bodies joined together, my son's face shifting in and out of view as I engaged in carnal act after carnal act with some unknown person.

John returned downstairs just as I pulled the roast out of the oven.