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04-Nov-2020 03:13

It’s worth checking out the fees and charges for the services you need in advance - especially if you need to convert your balance from one currency to another.

This handy guide covers all you need to know about Pay Pal transaction fees, and how to transfer money to your UK bank account, or spend it using your Pay Pal debit Mastercard.

You’ll pay a margin of 2.5% when you convert your funds, and then the withdrawal to your account in the UK is fee free.³ If you hold a balance in sterling, and want to send it to a bank account held in a different currency, a better option might be to withdraw your funds in pounds to a Transfer Wise multi-currency account, and then carry out your currency conversion there before sending it on to your foreign bank account.

Transfer Wise offer the mid-market exchange rate for all currency conversion, with no markup.

Details on how to reduce or remove this markup, coming right up.

If you’re moving money to your registered UK bank account, it is usually available in your bank account within just a couple of hours.¹ Before you get started, a word.

If you’ve got money in your Pay Pal account, maybe because a friend sent you some cash, or a freelance client paid using Pay Pal, you’ll want to know how to withdraw the balance.