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Andy elaborated on how he was treated like ''some sort of animal'' after he met Beth through her mother: '' To say it was really dark days, I can’t stress to you enough – that’s mild.They made me feel like I was some sort of animal because I’m going out with a younger girl."They made me feel like I was some sort of animal because I'm going out with a younger girl."No, I'm going out with a younger girl because this girl has asked me to go out with her which is a privilege to me and an honour to me to find someone that thinks that of me." The first episode of the show sees Beth and Andy return to their Welsh home for a family holiday after being driven out two years ago.A 47-year-old bus driver has said he has repeatedly been called a ''paedo'' after beginning a relationship with his friend's 16-year-old daughter.

After spending a few years in Australia and New Zealand, Jake secured a role at an obscure radio station in Norwich, inadvertently becoming a real-life Alan Partridge in the process.

"Not to be where you were brought up where all your memories are and your family, it's very tough, it doesn't get any easier. "I don't want to be treated any differently...

we are Beth and Andy and that's it, isn't it?

"The best way to describe our marriage is no different from three years ago, we're best mates," said Andy. like any normal red hot blooded male, she's beautiful, she's vibrant, her character's fantastic, just everything about her.

On this year's Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentines' Day, a bus in Zhengzhou caught the attention as it is decorated with romantic slogans and posters with personal profiles of singles.

"I hope more people can find their loved ones on my bus," said Yun.