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As they asked more about my practice, it was obvious to me that my family did not believe in their own concepts of free will.That is not to say that they didn’t believe in free will, but in their eyes all decisions were guided correctly through a divining rod in their soul to the right directions and choices they make. As we discussed our faiths during a family picnic, I had to acknowledge that my sect of Buddhism was also very different than other traditions.Some of the key factors of what is best of the Bible and Buddhism both converge on the areas of ethics, kindness, giving, and love.Even the concept of sin, depending on how you interpret the Bible, is the same.On the “Sermon on the Mount” Jesus states many concepts that would agree with many Buddhist traditions: In many ways, this seminal talk of Jesus encompasses almost all of the major concepts of Buddhism.WHERE JESUS AND BUDDHA DISAGREE The definitive dividing line for Christianity and Buddhism is also set out in the “Sermon on the Mount.” While Buddhism is a faith of self-realization, Christianity is a faith of God’s revelation.In order to be Christian, you must believe that there is a God and that Jesus was his only begotten son who came to Earth. But the Buddha purposefully did not speak of a creator God.He also lived 500 years before Jesus and would not have known him (although there is speculation that Jesus would have known Buddha’s teachings).

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The Buddha does the same as Jesus, but without the need to exclude the idea of other faiths.

“Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” said Jesus, “and unto God what is God’s.” Buddhism is a faith in the practice of here and now. The concept of rebirth precludes the idea of an eternal heaven.