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What the matriarch didn't specify was the town or even state that she lived in.

It is assumed that the family lived in Southern California, possibly in the Los Angeles area because of the weather and some of the references on the show.

"I'm sorry if she took offence." producers wanted the three daughters to have hair that matched their mom's and the boys and their dad have a contrasting hair color.

When Robert Reed was cast as Mike Brady, the rule meant that the boys must all have dark hair.

In ," creator Sherwood Schwartz said he made a slight exception to his own rule for Mike Lookinland.

The actor was so good for the part of youngest son Bobby Brady that Sherwood hired him, even though he had blondish hair.

So, it is interesting to think that Florence wasn't the original actress for the part of the Brady matriarch.

American singer and actress Shirley Jones turned down the role of Mike Brady (Robert "Bob" Reed) was an architect while Carol Brady was a homemaker.

She cited her own experience as a working mother with four children.

No matter what the situation, you'll be intrigued by these stating that in 1965 "30 percent of marriages have a child or children from a previous marriage." A light bulb went off and it inspired him to work on a pilot script for a show about a blended family.

FYI: Sherwood was fresh off the success of creating and producing that they focused on the kids first.

Carol Brady and the girls also seemed to bring a pet into the family.

They had a cat named Fluffy in the pilot episode of the beloved TV series.And we cannot underestimate the fact that it would be a lot less stressful not having to worry about a cat The Brady family spent a good chunk of time fighting over the shared bathroom.