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08-Jan-2020 22:17

In the 1970s, Björn Borg was a world-famous Wimbledon champion.

These days, however, his name may be more closely identified with sports apparel and underwear: The Björn Borg Group, founded many years after Borg’s retirement as an athlete, has transformed his name and history into a strong brand with a high recognition value.

How important does Björn Borg, the man, remain for Björn Borg, the company, though?

Henrik Bunge: From an internal perspective, the athlete Björn Borg still plays an important role.

European Business spoke with the company’s CEO Henrik Bunge about staying up to date with consumers‘ demands, crafting a strong brand from an inspiring individual’s journey and the need for recruiting the right people to achieve success.

European Business: With IKEA leading the way, Sweden has become a leader in furniture design whose products are found in many households all over the world.

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing is the last French president to date to come and watch a match at the tournament when he witnesses the semi-final between François Jauffret and Manuel Orantes, though he fails to bring the French player any luck.If they aren’t interested in what they see, they can look at something else with just one click. If they don’t get that immediate feeling that they have found what they were looking for, they will go somewhere else.Of course, this puts massive pressure on us, since we have to make sure that our customers are actually looking at what we are trying to sell them, and to accomplish that in a way which won’t make them lose interest.European Business: Besides running an online shop, the Björn Borg Group has also had an active presence with physical stores in many countries.

What can retail with a physical presence achieve that online shops cannot?We want to create a very authentic brand and we don’t want to be a facade.

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