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24-Dec-2019 13:43

“I just thought what a great guy,” Adler remembers.“We’re going to find him someone wonderful.” Despite Marcovici’s advances, Adler refused to break her cardinal rule not to date clients, which moved her suitor to take the courtship a step further.For most of us, the search for love is a deeply personal endeavor.Whether we find ourselves fortunate or wanting in our romantic lives, looking for a mate is often an adventure we must embark upon alone.“It goes back to the old fashioned way of meeting in person, carving out time, really understanding someone, what they’re looking for, they’re past romantic history; what worked, what didn’t work,” Adler explained. Another 48% choose a partner after three or four introductions.There are other important details clients must ponder: do I want children? Despite its high price tag, there may be a practical side to Selective Search and high end matchmakers like it.

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, was a client that had taken a shine to her at their first meeting.

,” said Andrew (name changed), a 43-year-old entrepreneur, divorced father of two from the Midwest that employed Selective Search in 2012. The road to happiness was not without its speed bumps for Andrew, who paid ,000 total to Selective Search.