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While much of Taylor Swift's squad was busy getting a lot of media attention (and Instagram Likes) at her East Coast bash, Kendall Jenner was having an equally enviable long weekend in Cali.Jenner shared a brief glimpse of her weekend festivities on Instagram, but we have the inside scoop on the location.Tailgate starts @ 2pm, @sskroughriders game starts @ 5pm! Tix: Cs FW Oi Mo HCAgb Australian #Steppers, we have some exciting news... Amanda went on to marry author Charles Vincent Ellingworth in 1987.

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That means for just ,800 (plus fees) you, too, can live like a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, if only temporarily.A boardwalk winds its way for more than 5 kilometres (3 mi) along the Balcombe Creek, its North beach mouth to the Briars Historic Park.The suburb's highest point bears the area's name and reaches 160 metres (520 ft).The Briars Homestead in the town's east was constructed from 1848 to 1851 and was used by Alexander Balcombe until 1876 as he farmed the land surrounding it and tended to 100 acres (0.40 km In 1890, the Martha Hotel, designed by architects Tappin, Gilbert and Dennehy was constructed in a Federation Queen Anne style. Martha House serves as a community centre and is Victorian Heritage listed.

As the population grew, Mount Martha Post Office opened around 1902.The Royal House of Windsor revealed that Charles took Amanda on the Royal Yacht Britannia for a trip to the Caribbean island of Eleuthera in 1977. The narrator explained: “Charles turned to her and says, ‘Will you be my wife? PRINCE CHARLES AND DIANA'S LOVE STORY IN PICTURES“They’d been together a lot, and I think that actually the relationship was too close.