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27-Jun-2020 06:31

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In December 2018, her husband Bam went to rehab due to drinking problems.

However, he left the rehab just after ten days without completing his treatment during the New Year in January 2019.

I better see you in one hour and 24 minutes, Nikki.

TMZ has the footage of the incident where Bam shouted at the comedy gig and threatened him refusing to do a gig at New York's West Side Comedy Club.

She currently resides in Spain with her husband and newly born son.

Nicole celebrates her birthday every year on 24 January and her birth year is still a mystery.

Similarly, earlier this year on 26 February, Nicole shared a heart-warming picture of her small family.

If I don't see her at the show, I'm canceling it, and she better be in a new outfit because she always wears the same fucking thing, or else I'll break shit.According to wiki sites, Nicole also made her name in television by appearing in 2015 drama series, From her fantastic career, she probably has earned an appreciable amount of income.