Ballbusting chat room

09-Jan-2020 09:32

I'll accept a little bit of that, but I'm there for me, not to provide stroke material for some guy I don't know.

The other is the guys who will come on there and attack women for being into BB. Because we like BB, we're suddenly man-haters who circumcise boys because of our contempt for all males.

However, and that's a difference with the real world, one always thinks he is more powerful and clever in front of his screen and over his keyboard than in real life. so rebecca do u mean like where a guy couldnt really private message u but instead a group of guys and women getting together and like dicussing a single topic, i guess that would be a good chatroom.

if someone wants to create it lol I'd join a BB chatroom. There would be two problems though, and too much of either would make me stop using it.

The first thing you want to know is where this fetish is coming from.

Basically, it is a subgenre of femdom BDSM and it is widely popular in Japan.

my BBFE does not make money, the limited account upgrades and donations each year do not cover the operational costs to keep the site online and running, this means the site owner covers the difference out of his pocket.

Keep this in mind if you ever think we are not doing our jobs. Ballusting Chat, Ballbusting Pictures, Ballbusting Stories, Ballbusting Videos, Ballbusting Groups.

Yes, I've noticed what a tightrope walk it is for all of you.

This page is created not only to guide you directly to exclusive private chat rooms but also to help people understand nature and wish behind the ballbusting chat humiliation.

By respecting urge to get your genitals ruined in a good online chat session, here it is the first thing you are looking for, live chat and video chat rooms with dominant amateur babes and professional femdom Mistresses.

but id rather just have a strict bb chat room without the spammers and idiot lil boys that pretend to be women or get on there and say stupid junk like ghost are real and u lost the game/ I'd join a BB chatroom. There would be two problems though, and too much of either would make me stop using it.

One would be the guys who absolutely flood us women for requests to fulfill their fantasies.

I think a good sized ballbusting chat room would be nice.

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